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20 March 2018
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Foil Business Cards

Metallic foil business cards are notable for their shiny, unique finish. The unique property of foil allows for some incredible looking designs not possible through other printing methods.

Gold and silver foils are reflective and almost mirror-like, shimmer in all lighting conditions, and look especially great with black or white designs.

● 14pt C2S + (2pt lamination).
● Matte Lamination + Gold / Silver Foil.
● Full-colour 1 or 2 sided (CMYK).
● Ranges from 250 to 5,000.
● 3.5” x 2” (Final size).
● Cut to size and box.
● Rounded corners are optional (1/4″ radius).




Premium Feel

Our metallic foil cards hold a reassuring, physical quality that lets your customers know they’re in the right hands.


Raised Foil

Raised foil adds an additional layer of texture to your card. It allows for a designated area to be given more prominence, ensuring your card receives a great deal of interest and professionalism.


Reflective Foil

This specialty technique produces your artwork in your choice of gold or silver foil color, stamped onto the card for stunning results.

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Important Notice for foil business cards!

For best results, we strongly recommend you ensure the following to minimize the potential of text filling in:
1- Supply fonts larger than 8pt.
2- Use sans serif fonts only.
3- Avoid having artwork underneath the foil areas (i.e. using a mask instead).
4- Separate artwork into two files: One is for foil lamination, for which the artwork’s colour should be set to 100% black, Another file should be in the CMYK colour space for artwork that is not foil printed.

Please follow our guidelines, preparing your artwork for printing you ensure faster processing time:
– Bleed & Trim: 0.125″ on all sides of the document will be trimmed off, this is called the bleed.
Make sure that all background and colours extend into this area to avoid having a white frame around your design.
Safe Zone: Adjusting your text and important graphics to be 0.125″ inside of the finished size on all four sides.
Colors: The file needs to be in CYMK colors.
Resolution: Your file needs to be 300dpi.
Submitting: We prefer a pdf file, make sure all fonts are converted to outline.

Printing black colors to get the best result:
Large areas of black: Use a rich black ( C=40%, M=40%, Y=30%, K=100%) for deep solid black finish.
Small black text: Use a pure black (CMY=0, K=100%) for small text and lines to get crisp edges.

Downloadable Templates 3.50×2″ Business Cards

Dimensions 3.50 × 2 in
No of Sides:

1 Side – Color [4/0], 2 Sides – Color [4/4]


250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000


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