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9 June 2020
Gloss Text Booklet
10 June 2020

Offset Booklet

[11×17″] Our large wholesale Booklets are an excellent format for magazines, show programs, product guides and other text-heavy designs.

[8.50×11″] These wholesale Booklets suit smaller designs such as menus, catalogues and instruction manuals.

We offer quality printing for your booklets, catalogues:
● 120M, 140M or Plain bond paper
● Uncoated text stock
● Full-Color or B/W, Printed 2 sides
● Ranges from 25 to 1,000
● Folded, collated, saddle stitched, boxed
● Bleed in needed 0.125″

When calculating the number of pages the number
has to be a multiple of 4 ( 8, 12, 16, 20, 24p)

For custom inquiry please use the custom orders page 

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Special Instructions:
– The number of pages ordered includes the cover pages,
– A low res PDF proof for approval is sent to the account holder’s email address.
– Production time begins once written approval is received.
– Please allow up to 24h to receive your proof for approval.
– Proofs approved after 13h00 EST will enter production the following business day.

  • One free file change is included.
  • Any further requested file changes will be billed at $25 per file change for prepress processing time.
  • Custom sizes may be subject to an additional admin charge.


Please follow our guidelines, preparing your artwork for printing you ensure faster processing time:
– Bleed & Trim: 0.125″ on all sides of the document will be trimmed off, this is called the bleed.
Make sure that all background and colors extend into this area to avoid having a white frame around your design.
Safe Zone: Adjusting your text and important graphics to be 0.125″ inside of the finished size on all four sides.
Colors: The file needs to be in CYMK colors.
Resolution: Your file needs to be 300dpi.
Submitting: We prefer a pdf file, make sure all fonts are converted to outline.

Printing black colors to get the best result:
Large areas of black: Use a rich black ( C=40%, M=40%, Y=30%, K=100%) for deep solid black finish.
Small black text: Use a pure black (CMY=0, K=100%) for small text and lines to get crisp edges.
Downloadable Templates

Finished size (Closed)
8.50×11″ 5.50×8.50″

8.50×11", 5.50×8.50"

Number of pages

8p, 12p, 16p, 20p, 24p, 28p, 32p, 36p, 44p, 48p