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12 April 2020
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20 May 2020


13oz Matte Vinyl

We print custom banners on our reliable 13oz matte vinyl. This material reduces glare in strong lighting so that your customer’s message can always be seen. with application to a solid surface like a wall or fence.

8oz Mesh Banners

Commonly used on fences, for high winds or extreme cold. Often used on fences at sporting events or on construction sites, it not only hides the mess but creates an opportunity to brand or advertise.

– Adding grommets: Grommets are metal eyelets press-sealed into the banner so that you can safely hang it.
– Reinforced hemming: Hemming is edge enforcement to be able to use your banner for more than a couple of times, simply It will last longer.

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Vinyl Please follow our guidelines, preparing your artwork for printing you ensure fast processing time-frame:
– Bleed & Trim: 0.5″ on all sides of the document will be trimmed off, this is called the bleed.
Safe Zone: Adjusting your text and important graphics to be 1″ inside of the finished size on all four sides.
Colors: The file needs to be in CYMK colors.
Resolution: Your file needs to be 120dpi.
Submitting: We prefer a pdf file, make sure all fonts are converted to outline.

Downloadable Templates VINYL BANNERS


Vinyl Type:

13oz Matte Vinyl, 8oz Mish Banner


24"x36", 24"x48", 36"x48"