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20 March 2018
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13oz Matte Vinyl

We print custom pull up banners on our reliable 13oz matte vinyl. This material reduces glare in strong lighting so that your customer’s message can always be seen.

Retractable Banner Stand

Pull up banners are an effective and portable way to communicate your message at events and shows. The two feet on the stand twist out to ensure that your client’s pull up banner is stable.

Standard Pull Up Banner Size

Our standard retractable banners are big enough to make an impact. Compact enough to maximize space as a trade show banner or at a busy convention.

Special Instructions: Ensure that your PDF artwork is 33” x 81”. Bottom 3” of your artwork should not consist of important artwork because it will be hidden by the stand.

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Please follow our guidelines, preparing your artwork for printing you ensure fast processing time-frame:
– Bleed & Trim: 0.5″ on all sides of the document will be trimmed off, this is called the bleed.
Safe Zone: Adjusting your text and important graphics to be 1″ inside of the finished size on all four sides.
Colors: The file needs to be in CYMK colors.
Resolution: Your file needs to be 150dpi.
Submitting: We prefer a pdf file, make sure all fonts are converted to outline.

Downloadable Templates 33×81″ ROLL-UP BANNERS


Dimensions 33 × 81 in