BOPP Labels (Polypropylene)

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13 July 2020
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3 August 2020

BOPP Labels (Polypropylene)

Plastic film material, waterproof and UV resistant.

If you are looking to have your design protected while eye-catching at the same time with its gloss effect.

We offer designs printed in rolls of five multi-purpose shapes: choose between rectangle, square, circle, oval, or a custom design of your choice.

● This silver glossy metalized top-coated polypropylene film is 2 Mil. It is used for labelling applications where resistance against water, oil and chemicals is important. Use for home and personal care, beverage, and food applications. (1 Mil = 0.001 of inch),
● No Lamination, Matte or Gloss Lamination.
● CMYK or White+CMYK – 1 sided (4/0).
● Printed using inkjet UV printer 720×720 dpi.
● Ranges from 250 to 5,000   (Need more?, Contact us!)
● Roll core diameter is 3″ and box.

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– Adhesivity:
● Permanent labels permanently stick to the surface. Removing them may cause damage to labels or application surface.
● Removable labels can be repositioned and removed without damaging the label or the application surface.

– Custom Shape Labels:
● Any shape that is not a circle, oval, rectangle or square. Click here to learn how to prepare your custom shaped artwork.

– Diameter:
● For circle-shaped labels, dimensions are measured by diameter in inches.

– Finishing:
Lamination is a clear, plastic film applied to labels for added durability.
● Matte lamination offers a smooth and non-gloss finish.
● Gloss lamination offers a glossy finish.

– Ink Color:

CMYK Choosing standard for designs that are exclusively composed of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
White+CMYK Choose this option for artwork where your artwork is CMYK but you also need to have a white color on a material that is itself not white (i.e. Silver poly and clear BOPP).
The white ink can also be used as a special effect on your labels.

– Labels Per Roll:
This refers to the number of labels that will be included in each roll.
For example, if you order 5,000 labels and select 1000 labels per roll, you will receive 5 rolls.

– Perforation:
The liner of the roll is perforated between labels allowing them to easily be separated.

– Stock:
This refers to the material of your labels on which we will print.

– Turnaround:
The number of business days estimated for your order to be produced. Does not include shipping time.

– Wind Direction:
This refers to the direction that the label feeds off the roll: