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14 July 2020
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3 August 2020

Poly Labels (Polyester)

Polyester labels are our most durable variant and are generally used for a more challenging label application which calls for more durability, abrasion resistance, higher heat resistance and UV stability.

If you want your packaging to stand out from the competition and make an impact with customers, look no further.

● This is our most durable white substrate. It is made of a 2 Mil semi-glossy, top-coated polyester film. Designed specifically for end-uses where very good adhesion, good chemical and temperature resistance is needed. Use this white material for indoor and outdoor labels or labels that will be used in harsh environments. (1 Mil = 0.001 of inch)

● No Lamination, Matte or Gloss Lamination.
● CMYK or White+CMYK – 1 sided (4/0).
● Printed using inkjet UV printer 720×720 dpi.
● Ranges from 250 to 5,000   (Need more?, Contact us!)
● Roll core diameter is 3″ and box.

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– Adhesivity:
● Permanent labels permanently stick to the surface. Removing them may cause damage to labels or application surface.
● Removable labels can be repositioned and removed without damaging the label or the application surface.

– Custom Shape Labels:
● Any shape that is not a circle, oval, rectangle or square. Click here to learn how to prepare your custom shaped artwork.

– Diameter:
● For circle-shaped labels, dimensions are measured by diameter in inches.

– Finishing:
Lamination is a clear, plastic film applied to labels for added durability.
● Matte lamination offers a smooth and non-gloss finish.
● Gloss lamination offers a glossy finish.

– Ink Color:

CMYK Choosing standard for designs that are exclusively composed of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
White+CMYK Choose this option for artwork where your artwork is CMYK but you also need to have a white color on a material that is itself not white (i.e. Silver poly and clear BOPP).
The white ink can also be used as a special effect on your labels.

– Labels Per Roll:
This refers to the number of labels that will be included in each roll.
For example, if you order 5,000 labels and select 1000 labels per roll, you will receive 5 rolls.

– Perforation:
The liner of the roll is perforated between labels allowing them to easily be separated.

– Stock:
This refers to the material of your labels on which we will print.

– Turnaround:
The number of business days estimated for your order to be produced. Does not include shipping time.

– Wind Direction:
This refers to the direction that the label feeds off the roll: